Johanna Grawunder:
Selected Solo/Dual Exhibitions/Installations


“No Whining on the Yacht”, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, London.
A collection of limited edition lights and furniture.

“Dirty Toys”, The Workshop Residence San Francisco.
A collection of unique and limited edition lights locally made from pre-owned industrial components scavenged from local recycle yards and dumps.

“5W’s”, with Ana Teresa Fernandez, Intersection for the Arts in San Francisco.
Collection of public art installations in the mid-market area of San Francisco.


“Big Sky”, Carpenters Workshop Gallery, Paris and London.
A collection of limited edition lights and furniture.


“Primum Non Nocere” Gallery Antonella Villanova. Florence, Italy.
A collection of lights and furniture produced by local artisans in Florence.


“Street View”, Galeria della Raza, San Francisco.
A light installation in the front windows of the gallery on the occasion of their yearly auction.

“Davos Dilemma”, with Rob Pruitt, American Academy in Rome.
A collection of lights and furniture in dialogue with the art of Rob Priutt,produced by Roberto Giustini & Partners .

“I’m Bringing Sexy Back”, Designer’s Gallery, Koln, Germany.
A collection of limited edition lights and furniture presented during the Koln Furniture Fair.


“Sakura”, Galleria Roberto Giustini, Roma/Emilio Mazzoli Galleria d’arte Contemporaneo.
A 4-piece collection of limited edition LED lights and furniture, presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan.


“Desert Glow” , Art + Industry, Palm Springs, California.
A collection of limited edition lamps, furniture, objects and paintings.

“New Positions”, Gallery Roberto Giustini, Rome.
A collection of furniture for the new economy.

“Solar Energy”. Gallery Le Bain, Tokyo.
An outdoor installation of lounge furniture.


“Street Glow”, Galerie Italienne, Paris.
A collection of limited edition lamps and furniture, presented during the Venice Biennale of Art. Museo Diocesano, Venice.

“Enzo Cucchi ceramics, Johanna Grawunder furniture”.
An exhibion of unique pieces by Enzo Cucchi with furniture supports by Johanna Grawunder. Istituto Culturale Italiano. Prague, Czech Republic.


“Arielle”, Galerie Italienne (Paris Pron), Paris.
A collection of limited edition lamps and furniture, presented simultaneously at FIAC.


“In the Desert”, Design Gallery Milano
A collection of lamps and furniture, presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan.

“Wall Lamps” Museum of Contemporary Art, Montevirgini, Siracusa, Italy
Permanent installation of outdoor lights in courtyard of museum.

“Abyss”  Salviati, Murano, Italy
Collection of limited edition hand blown glass.


“SuperLuminal,” LIMN Gallery, San Francisco

“Pillow Talk”, Design Gallery Milano
A collection of lamps and some furniture, presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan.

“Masks”, Galleria Roberto Giustini, Rome
A collection of 10 large ceramics, limited edition production, presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan.


“Lowrider”, Gallery Post Design, Milan
Furniture and accessories made in different materials, with integrated lights, presented during the Salone di Mobile, Milan.

“Ultralight”, FurnitureCo, New York
A collection of lighting elements using standard fluorescent tubes with PVC, stainless steel, reflective plastic, perspex, and metal. Presented during the ICFF, New York.

“Luxury II”, De Di By Gallery, Paris
Selection of Furniture and lighting elements made during1999-2001.


“Fractals II”, De Di By Gallery, Paris
Integrated lighting elements (prosthesis for rooms) in folded metal with colored  fluorescent and halogen lights.

“Molecules”, Galleria Roberto Giustini, Rome
Hand-made ceramic vases, shown together with other small objects from Gallery Mourmans and Salviati collections.


“Memes”, Gallery Mourmans, Maastricht
35 one-off glass vases produced by Salviati, with interventions in rubber, insulation, and metal by Gallery Mourmans.

“Fractals”, Post Design Gallery, Milan; Galleria Memphis, Rome
Integrated lighting elements (prosthesis for rooms) in folded metal with fluorescent and halogen lights


“Lighting Management”, Post Design, Milan; Galleria Memphis, Rome
A series of architectural elements for integrated interior/exterior lighting made in different materials.


“Memoires de Chine” ,with Ettore Sottsass, Gallery Mourmans presented at the Maison Chine, Paris.
Lamps and light-tables in epoxy resin and metal, shown with large cabinets and tables in exotic woods by Sottsass.


“Air Conditioning”, Design Gallery Milano
Cabinets, tables, lamps, and mirrors with integrated lights, flashers, reflectors presented on the occasion of the Salone di Mobile Milan.

“Ettore Sottsass big and small works, Johanna Grawunder many small works”, Gallery Mourmans, Knokke-Zuote (Belgium)
25 small battery-powered table lights, standing lamps, side tables, vases in different materials, shown with a separate collection of furniture and accessories by Sottsass.


“Trucks”, Argentaurum Gallery (Belgium) and Gallery Jannone (Milan)
A collection of small, heavy jewelry boxes in wood, metal, plastic, perspex.

Selected Group Exhibitions


“Come In! Les Femmes”. A+D Museum, (Los Angeles Museum of Architecture and Design).
Site specific installations by women artists. Los Angeles, California.

“L’objet Singulaire” Rome, Italy.
Group show with Konstantin Grcic, Campana Brothers, Johanna Grawunder.
Grawunder piece: “Cashmasheen” clutch.


“From the Spoon to the City”. Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Objects by architects from LACMA’s collection. Los Angeles, California.

“U.F.O. Blurring the Boundaries between Art and Design”. NRW-Forum Kultur und Wirtschaft, Düsseldorf, Germany.


“Division by zero”, Comune di Firenze- Quartiere 3, Florence, Italy.
Installation for the project “GenomaX-opere di Cui Xiuwen, Johanna Grawunder, Cristaina Palandri” by Sergio Risaliti.


“GA Houses-Project 2005”. GA Gallery. Tokyo, Japan.

“Dressing Ourselves”. Triennale di Milano. Exhibition of outfits designed by artists,designers, musicians,conceived by Alessandro Guerriero


“4th International Ink Painting Biennial of Shenzen: Design”, Curator: Wang Xu,  Guan Shan-Yue Art Museum. Shenzhen, P.R.China.

“Le Vie dell’Arte”. Biennale di Venezia, Commune di Palermo.
Collective exhibition for the project “Le Vie dell’Arte”, Parco delle Madonie, Sicily.


“Mosche da Bar/Barflies. Commune di Senigallia, Italy.
Installation with Enzo Cucchi at the Rotonda di Senigallia.

“Transformations”. Parsons School of Design, New York City.
Collective exhibition of contemporary product design.


“Daring the Gap”, Installation with Konstantin Grcic, Timo Salli, Koln, Germany

“New Poetical Expressions in Venetian  Glass”, Spazio FMR, Milan
Collection of limited edition glass pieces, with Ingo Mauer, Ted Muehling, produced by Salviati.


“Aperto Vetro”, Museo Correr, Venice, Italy


“Transparent Technology”, Museo di Arte Contemporaneo, Luigi Pecci, Prato
An installation of pieces selected from Memes, Memoires de Chine, and Lighting Management shown within the exhibition, “Ettore Sottsass and Associates.”


“Retrospektive”, (with Ruprecht Geiger), DOGK Gallery, Neumarkt, Germany
Selected furniture, lights and accessories from Post Design and Gallery Mourmans collections.


“Che cosa fanno quelli di Memphis” Post Design, Milan

“Fase Alternativa”, Abitare il Tempo, Verona
Participant and co-curator with Ettore Sottsass and Marco Susani.


“Design and Identity”, Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark


“Skin, Mirror, Food”(with Fabrice Domercq), Cornelius Hertz Gallery, Koln, Germany


“Design delle Donne”, Museo di Arredo Contemporaneo, Ravenna


“Memphis Lights” Design Gallery Milano, Milan

“Abet- Material Lights”, Abet Laminati, Milan

“Marmorea”, Ultima Edizione, Milan


“Nove”, porcellane Lamps, Nove, Milan